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Martin Llamedo

About this artist


Martin creates stunning illusionary worlds through the incorporation of theater, symbolic elements and dance into his paintings, creating unique and ethereal scenes, where different levels of thinking, time and space intersect in one transcendent moment.

Fascinated by the concept of alchemy and the idea that something can change from one state into another, Martin often creates works that depict or refer to a shift between the material and immaterial.

Martin is an especially intellectual artist and always enjoys intellectual conversations about the state of society and what the future may have in store for us. Many of his paintings are about dialogue, which he regards as essential to avert dark scenarios for humanity and instead bring about our best collective potential.

He’s a very disciplined artist, due to his rigorous training in painting and drawing from age six, then ceramics and sculpture for years under Hector Alves. He trained on a major basketball team during his adolescent years and immersed himself in classic guitar during the years following.

Martin regards art as restorative therapy for the viewer and the painter, a physical and psychological activity to slow down and reconnect with life and our sense of wonder. As adults we frantically rush about, whether it’s work, holiday travel, or even our wedding day. His painting process and his paintings center on savoring the moment and appreciating all its imminent possibilities.

Work by Martin Llamedo