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Andrej Jakab

Andrej Jakab

Horus Gallery

About this artist


Andrej Jakab relentlessly works on his objects, polishing them until he is convinced of their perfection and never regretting the amount of time and effort that this takes. Glass is a fantastic artistic medium, because it reflects everything on and beneath the surface. Deception in a glass object is impossible. It appears to contain an extra dimension, which is one of the reasons for Andrej’s fascination with it. Working with glass is like taking part in a ‘confidential conversation’. ‘It takes infinite patience and humility.’ A natural approach, technical expertise and many years of experience are needed to work with this medium, as well as a special affinity for design and artistic reproduction. Andrej places an emphasis on abstraction and geometric principles. His work is captivating: not only through its presentation and the definition of geometric shapes and volumes on the interior and exterior, but also on account of its clarity, muted colours and the references to the crystalline origins and mystical infinity of glass.

Work by Andrej Jakab