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Antonio Castelló Avilleira

About this artist


Who would have thought that still lifes of fruit could be exciting? The world’s foremost painter of hyper-realist fruit compositions, knows exactly how to imbue his works with a startling vibrancy and emotive power.

Often regarded and depicted as fleeting and fragile emblems of nature and life; the cherries, strawberries, pears and pineapples on Antonio’s canvasses turn into eloquent tokens of “memento vivere”. The same holds true for his powerful human models, be they children or adults.

His work is grounded and blends classical painting techniques with a modern photographic and documentary approach. Yet, in their freshness and timelessness, his works go deeper than mere documentation and depiction.

For, by leaving out contextual references, Antonio focuses our view and mind purely on the thing or person depicted, their moment in time, their transience, and thus their preciousness. The result may be joyful, fierce, naughty, or contemplative, but never still-life-ishly dull or gloomy.