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Aurelio Rodríguez López

About this artist


Aurelio tells the small stories that we all connect with, such as lovers parting at a train station, the smell of his mother’s home cooking or two children gazing at a fresh loaf of bread.

While trained in many mediums, including oil, lithography, etching and aquatint Aurelio’s medium of choice is pastel painting on surfaces that he prepares with a special primer.

Aurelio frequently travels internationally to teach his skills or to create commissioned works on site, including for the royal courts of Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Noted for his rare mastery of technique, light, colour and detail, his style has been characterized as heightened realism, hyperrealism, and surrealism. Aurelio uses the term ‘magic realism’ for some of his work.

Work by Aurelio Rodríguez López