Caroline Mercier

Caroline Mercier

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Caroline Mercier, was born in 1981 in Toulouse, France
As a complete and self-taught artist in her horse paintings, Caroline Mercier is also a renowed nature and landscape photographer.
« The horse accompagnies me since early childhood. Due to the impossibility to ride them before the age of 11, I started to draw them.
As much as nature they are essential to my life as much as the air I breath. They help me to think free when I feel oppressed and allow me to go back into the deepest of myself. ” Horse ” is a Master who teaches me simplicity, and who creates space to emotions returning to the essential. This is the way they live into me. »
The original oil paintings of Caroline Mercier are characterized by a living realism. Although figurative the details are applied on a fluid way giving a alive impression full of movement to the viewer.

Work by Caroline Mercier