Dirk De Keyzer

Dirk De Keyzer

Art Center Horus

About this artist


Dirk de Keyzer is renowned for his bronze sculptures that exude a subtle sense of humour, and for which he has received both international and national acclaim. He is one of the best-known artists in Belgium today. Happiness, beauty, eroticism and harmony are distinguishing elements in his work.

De Keyzer specialises in cire perdue (also called lost-wax casting), a labour-intensive process in which a bronze sculpture is cast from a wax model, producing a highly durable result that is capable of withstanding the elements. While modernism relegated bronze as a medium to the background, Dirk de Keyzer swims against the proverbial current as a sort of traditional revolutionary. He consciously chose to restore craftsmanship, technique and humour to their former position within the contemporary art scene.

De Keyzer’s work makes us aware of the lightness of our existence; his sculptures portray the human yearning for happiness, beauty and harmony and – of course – disarming humour as one of the key ingredients for the enjoyment of life.