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Eric Roux Fontaine portrait

Eric Roux Fontaine

Horus Gallery

About this artist


They say that the hand is an extension of the heart and body of an artist who paints, and when we look at his work, this definition could not be more apt. Eric Roux-Fontaine moves through his painting in the same way as he moves through the jungle: feeling his way, step by step, gesture by gesture. He says that artists must grind up the world and put it in their paintings. Eric Roux-Fontaine’s paintings defy reduction to a single meaning. This multiplicity of interpretations (as many as there are viewers) generates an exquisite emotion, reaching out to the viewer as the artist intends. His paintings become a portal to an inner geography, a cartography of the intimate, a treasure map leading to the prize of full and complete acceptance of the mystery of the world. There is no doubt that if Rudyard Kipling, Blaise Cendrars and Jack London had been painters, their works would have been very similar to those of Eric Roux-Fontaine. He and his fellow travellers share the same destination: they are walking towards the light together.

« Painting is about allowing yourself to be carried down a river without knowing where it will be lead.” – Eric Roux Fontaine

Work by Eric Roux Fontaine