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Gabriel Picart

About this artist


“Masculine and Mediterranean”, is how some describe Gabriel’s work.
“Destined for museum collections,” predicted art dealer and publicist Herb Spiers in 2000.

Gabriel was born and grew up in the concierge’s pavilion of the phantasmagorical Parque Güell in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudí. Gabriel’s first painting studio, in his teenage years, was the room where Gaudí himself had dreamt and drawn.

His art career took off early: at the age of twenty he started working as an illustrator throughout Europe, and shortly thereafter for the major publishing houses and advertising agencies in the United States and Canada. Since 1996, Gabriel paints full time and no longer takes illustration commissions.

Gabriel considers himself a realist painter, working realistically though not photographically. The viewer can almost touch the rough fabrics worn by his models, feel the warmth of the sand of his late afternoon beach, and hear the quiet lingering in his Venetian back alleys.

Although his paintings of urban landscapes and still lifes have garnered high praise, his main love is the human figure—Mediterrean women, sometimes mothers with their little daughters, and macho men like horse riders, bull fighters, and temple dancers in ancient Egypt.

Gabriel comfortably straddles the ancient world and the future that is upon us. While connoisseurs, and he himself, enjoy the complex historical symbology in his works, Gabriel nowadays busies himself with exploring the application of 3D modelling technology to traditional art.

Passionate about history, politics and society, Gabriel often brings his views on these subjects into his artwork. His wife, Rosa Anguas manages ART-BCN, an art agency promoting Barcelonan and Spanish artists.

His paintings have been on display at some of the most recognized galleries in the US, and are kept in private collections in Spain, USA, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Mexico, Emirates, Russia, and UK.

Work by Gabriel Picart