Jan Pater

Art Center Horus

About this artist


Jan Pater is not looking for something; he finds it. When initially choosing the stone, being able to find something is what is key. The coloration plays an important role in that. He senses perfectly what a color or pattern demands of his sculpture. That is how he starts working intuitively, conforming himself to the stone and the stone conforming itself to his findings. Again and again he finds new variations of the female body.

Jan Pater is the first to admit that he works with a strong drive. That means always making quick decisions inspired by curiosity. His work has become more versatile over the years. The torso remains a dominant presence, but the shapes that he finds in the end are broader. But even in the more abstract sculptures, he finds the core of movement in the marble, the granite or the onyx.

(From the book: Jan Pater, preface Bertjan ter Braak)