Jimmy Law

Art Center Horus

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Jimmy Law:”In December 2010 I radically changed the approach to my painting style by using only large brushes which initiated some remarkable changes and effectively started my career as a serious, full time artist. I focus on creating energetic and expressive portraits and nudes on a fairly large format in oils and acrylics. I first started out painting portraits of Hollywood actors, celebrities and icons, focusing on the ones I love most, but also ones with a classic look. I have since moved onto doing more personal work, focussing on creating portraits of totally unknown people. I also use my own models to create more personal work with a deeper message. I feel that it is a lot easier for me to create the look and feel that I want when using my own models.”

“In all my work I try to incorporate the use of contrast and good composition. When done in such an expressive style, it often creates rather bold, energetic and dramatic images. I constantly challenge myself in my painting and while I feel confident in the style that I now work in, I will keep introducing new ways and techniques of pushing this style forward and developing it even further.”

Work by Jimmy Law