Joachim Louis

About this artist


trees, forms, stories

Each tree has its own unique story.
The admirable strength of seemingly solitary seedlings that grow into proud trees, eagerly reaching for the skies, where they rustle in the wind …
Seasons bear silent witness to their persistence. Sometimes they bend, sometimes they sigh and crack.
Ever so often they fall, or are cut down.
The end. And a new beginning.
Because there still is a story to be told.

They are never lost.

Joachim Louis adds a new chapter to their story. Out of a great awe for trees he gives trunks and wood a second life.
He assesses. Looks. Waits until something happens. Their form dictates a new game of lines. What is the rhythm of the tree? What story does it wish to tell? The power of the chainsaw allows him to translate the trees story into strong-fine lines and soft images. A dynamic play of energy.

Clear-cut choices and poetic refinement.

The outcome is a new power that, on its own, determines the landscape, once again.

An ode to trees, wood, life and power.