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Marco Grassi

About this artist


An Italian painter with the finest brush stroke the collection has ever seen, Marco paints down to the pores on a person’s face, and only under a microscope have we been able to see his brushstroke.

Line quality and delicacy in the colors used are fundamental to his paintings. Marco is particularly interested in the changes in a person’s body and personality, which is why Marco’s paintings often portray people in a moment of metamorphosis.

In addition to his high level of detail that leaves many a camera in the dust, Marco often adds a surrealist twist to his works, be it a baroque carving on a model’s back exposing her hollow interior, or a mysterious tattoo that seems to blossom under a lady’s translucent skin.

Speaking on the ideal of female beauty, Marco notes: “A woman’s beauty may be revealed through the painter’s ability to capture a moment in time that epitomizes her essence. If I succeed in finding a balance and harmony on the canvas, I think that makes the figure attractive.”

Work by Marco Grassi