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Nimrod Messeg

Horus Gallery

About this artist


In 1999 Nimrod settled in Marbella, setting up his own workshop and gallery. It was here where he began to develop his personal and direct method for sculpting.

His craft involves working artistically solely from wrought iron. One of a kind sculptures are created using over one thousand individual pieces of metal. Ancient forging techniques are employed, welding, power hammering, plasma torch etc… all enabling the creation of textures, effects and shapes, rendering his sculptures highly unique in style and appearance.

These working methods permit a complete transformation of brutal, base metal into something beautiful, gentle, light, curvaceous… even soft.

The evolution of Nimrod’s work is held by a landscape of forms, from organic natural shapes, to delicate or muscular animals and expressive faces. Yet long lasting focus and passion is found in the creation of his hugely popular graceful, sensual, majestic, often ethereal female torsos. Each sculpture gradually takes on a life of its own and develops its own personality, using Nimrod as an intermediary.

“The light, heat and fire energy permit me to give birth to an entirely new entity. Looking at the finished piece of art I can see it in its entirety, from its humble metal beginnings through the creative process into new diverse textures, forms and surfaces. The versatility of iron is impressive once you understand its properties and realise its capabilities.”

Work by Nimrod Messeg