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Nobuyuki Shimamura

About this artist


Nobuyuki’s paintings are masterpieces of ethereal beauty, where skin tones glow golden under stunningly beautiful sunshine. His figures draped in translucent fabrics of incredible detail have almost become his trademark.

Almost all of his paintings feature reclining figures, either sleeping or staring thoughtfully, sometimes wistfully, into the distance. His subjects are mostly women and occasionally girls. Recently he has also taken to painting lobsters and insects as well, which he has loved since childhood.

Nobuyuki lives and works near the ocean in Saitama Prefecture, one and a half hours by car from Tokyo. In this laidback environment, he painstakingly creates his works which are all sold years in advance to collectors on his long waiting list.

His paintings often require over a dozen thin layers of paint for the background and his models in order to achieve the alive, translucent effect of their skin and bluish veins. Every mole, hair, eyelash, and thread of lace receives his full attention.

Several of Nobuyuki’s works are part of the permanent collection of Hoki Museum, Japan’s first museum dedicated to realist painting and intended as a “healing museum” of slow contemplation.

A Graduate of Masushiro Art University and a renowned artist, Nobuyuki has been honored with several prizes and solo exhibitions around Japan, but otherwise he likes to maintain a low profile and dedicate himself daily to his genuine and authentic art.

Work by Nobuyuki Shimamura