Olivier Pauwels

Over deze artiest



The dream world of Olivier Pauwels, also known by his tag Bohi, is an escape from reality.

Pauwels, as artist, has realized a visual track of an apocalyptic world, looking for the balance between humour and threat, violence and loveliness, renewal and recuperation. He assembles new life forms with existing materials: fragile beings in a hard universe. A futuristic world with weathered elements, relics from an industrial past. The future is ahead of them, but Pauwels will not let go of the past. The endearing cyber-baby’s cry with pleasure when operating all kinds of machines. The violence has shed the rebellious youth, but the threat remains below the surface.

Objects are pulled out of their context to form a new identity in another dimension: lovely babies operate machines, manmade of gears and engines from discarded machines. Where materialism from the past ends, the dream world of the artist begins.

It is not by chance that director George Miller, kindred spirit with a world of his own, requested Pauwels to collaborate on the creatures for his ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, a film that appeared in 2015.