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Philipp Weber

Philipp Weber

About this artist


Philipp looks for inner truth in those he paints, which is why he paints beautiful women in traditional magazine poses, portraying them in ways that bring not empty perfection to life, but the minor imperfections and their deeply human stories. An incredibly skilled artist, Philipp has forged a clear artistic progression throughout his career.

Philipp’s inspiration comes from movies, books, travel, fellow artists and creative folks, and above all people’s personal stories about their lives, revealing aspirations and dreams that go beyond any flawless skin or fancy facades.

“My pictures are about life and death, despair and hope, the photos for the series I am currently working on were shot in Iceland. Nature and the element of water again play a role, as does tragedy and inner strength,’ Philipp told fellow hyperrealist painter Anna Wypych in December 2018.

Work by Philipp Weber