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Thierry Van Vreckem

Horus Gallery

About this artist


Landscape painting became an independent genre within the art of painting from the 18th century onwards. Before that, landscape was a backdrop for other, mostly religious scenes, which were pushed from their prominent place on the canvas or panel to a corner to finally disappear altogether.
Many have since tried to capture the ephemeral landscape on canvas. Wonderful examples of this are known, in which landscapes are rendered in the minutest detail.

With Thierry, we find the landscape reduced to its essence: movement, perspective, light. To bring these pre-eminently changing and changeable ingredients to canvas requires craftsmanship.
Once painted, always the same, one might say, but that is not so in Thierry’s work. You will always discover something different: is it because of the different layers that are patiently and carefully laid on top of each other, the subtly applied sand texture, the colors in endless shades that interact and are different in a different light?

In this hectic and stressed-out world, it takes courage to contemplate the intrinsic beauty of the landscape and to try to grasp the healing power that emanates from it.