Véronique de Carlé

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About this artist


Véronique de Carlé (1972) is an abstract painter, born in Belgium and has Tatar roots. She is very expressive in her art and loves to emphasize the energy that is everywhere through a delicate mix of colors mixed with hues of metal.

She started her career in 2011 and has exhibited her artworks in Brussels (Belgium), Oran (Algeria), Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Rome (Italy), at the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca (Morocco) and at the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts, Miami (USA), to name a few.

Véronique won the Rome Biennale competition, “La Primavera” on May 30, 2014, making her known as one of the best painters in Europe.

Her technical expertise allows her to create optical illusions, to play with the intensity of the light and create virtual dimensions in her artworks, while the colors and depth vary according to the angle in which the artwork is viewed, making them unique. is in its genre.

She has a friendly and shy personality, but her art reveals her inner strength and balance.

“The structures of the abstract images project the artistic crescendo into the infinity of time and space, full of originality that Véronique de Carlé expresses both in the conception of her works and in her modern vision of art, finding the perfect balance between eloquent creativity and creative silence… ”
– Giuseppe Chiovaro – Chair of the Rome Biennale Commission, September 2015

Work by Véronique de Carlé