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IBEX Masters

In 2013, three international art collectors joined forces to create the largest active private contemporary superrealist art collection to date. Their fascination for superrealist art originates in the absolute skill, perseverance, and attention to detail in micro-expressions that is required of artists to create top-notch masterpieces.

Upon collecting and meeting the top superrealist artists in the world, these collectors noticed a recurring dilemma. Artists with this particular skill are often bound to galleries, families, or individuals to create certain art themes, which limits the artist from exploring his own creative freedom. On top of that, artworks of this caliber often take several months, sometimes even years, to create, limiting the artist even further.

Seeing how the craftsmanship of these artists was being limited, the IBEX Masters offered 24 artists – considered to be the absolute top – the possibility to create the masterpiece they had been dreaming of. The artists received complete creative freedom, financial support, and the guarantee that their masterpiece would be purchased by the collection: an artist’s creative dream. Twenty of these masterpieces have been finished and now make up a collection that is bound for history.

The IBEX Masters’ matriarchal role is largely unique in the global art world: artists of the highest technical skill, being offered the complete creative freedom to paint what they desire, results in stunning artworks that truly speak to the hearts of people.

Art Center Horus is currently the first gallery to work with the collection, having the exclusive rights to promote these unique artworks to an international audience. The galleries in Knokke and Sint-Martens-Latem offer a selection of artworks from the collection that triggers imagination and deep emotion from art lovers globally.