Angelo Moyano

Art Center Horus

Quelques mots sur l’artiste


Attracted by its purity, surprised by its colours and shapes, and driven by curiosity for its character, Angelo finds natural stone the ideal material for sculpting. Intense passion and inner strength make him want to join organic forms with the roughness of the stone into a sculpture. It is a process of the utmost concentration: to observe, step back and contemplate; over and over again. To Angelo, sculpturing means inner enrichment.

Because of his background in the metal industry, Angelo likes to work with various metals such as bronze, aluminium and steel. Some of the stone sculptures are made of bronze and are cast in a professional foundry. To ensure that the sculpture obtains the perfection and appearance he desires for his pieces of art, the finishing and patinating is done by Angelo himself. Applying matt patina is a specialist process which gives the sculpture a warm, soft appearance and gets the bronze mistaken for stone regularly.