Mijael Ruggieri

Quelques mots sur l’artiste


« Mijael Ruggieri, Italian artist, (Milan 2/22/1988). He began in sacred art in the city of Florence (Italy), where he learnt a ritual pictorial technique with which the monks of 1200 AD made the Byzantine Sacred Icons. This technique inspired the artist so much that he integrated the mystical into his style, trying to promote a type of image that seeks to raise the consciousness of all those who contemplate it.
The latest creations of the artist are inspired by the world of cave paintings of the Shamans of prehistory.
Prehistoric Homo was a being totally connected to the natural realm. Theories defend that in the most hidden places of the caves authentic « magic rituals » were carried out where the Shaman, through the trance state, connected with the spiritual world that they thought was behind the cave walls and used painting to connect with the another dimension.
Mijael Ruggieri’s works contain in their most hidden parts a language that becomes one with the formations of nature present on the canvas, in a formal and conceptual attempt at an ideal re-connection between Man and the natural world.
The artist tries to make works that seek to take the viewer to the natural and magical world, fostering the creation of an atmosphere of seclusion in the home.
His only purpose with the art world is to paint from the soul and for the soul of all those who contemplate his works. The artist takes his profession as a vital spiritual mission.
So all the works are designed in order to create spaces conducive to well-being not only physical but also spiritual. Some say that the symbolism that he applies comes from other dimensions, and its contemplation can promote well- being at different levels.
He applies the symbols using a special geometry, called « Sacred Geometry » inspired by the patterns of creation found in nature.
He thinks that if he uses the patterns of nature to create his works, his paintings will take « Life ».
The main materials used are: natural pigments, calcium carbonate and salt. It uses all the elements that we can find in a cave, it is as if the work were a fragment of the cave. »

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