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Herr Seele and Kamagurka

About this artist


Kamagurka and Herr Seele met at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. They discovered a common interest in macrobiotics and a shared love of the absurd. Their beloved, coiffed hero Cowboy Henk first saw the light of day in 1981 in the comic strip Bob Plagiaat that at that time was published in the newspaper De Vooruit. It didn’t take long for this Flemish cowboy to conquer the world.

Cowboy Henk continues to unite the two artists. They regularly team up, brushes in hand. The paintings and drawings resulting from their collaborations have been shown many times in successful exhibitions. Over time, Cowboy Henk has become something of a guide who takes us through the absurd world expressed in the pair’s paintings and drawings.