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Jeroen Paulussen

About this artist


Jeroen Paulussen seeks to surprise the viewer by showing us ordinary things from a different
perspective. Whether it’s food or flowers – enlarged to enormous proportions, these objects
become surreal, unexpected colour nuances emerge, well-known details become abstract lines.
According to Jeroen, such a ‘reinterpretation of the reality ’delights, leads to a rediscovering of
beauty in a well-known routine.

“With my paintings I want to pass on the emotion of joy which I feel when I see the rose blossom lit by early morning sun, when the rays gently touch the velvet petals and reveal all the nuances of color. You can’t put it in words – it’s such a delight. ”

The paintings consist of several layers of carefully applied oil paint, giving his still lifes a photographic realism.