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Johannes Wessmark

About this artist


Johannes Wessmark is a self-taught photo-realist artist working with acrylics and oils. His studio is located in the middle of the Swedish wilderness but he sells his paintings through Arcadia Contemporary in Los Angeles and Metropolitan Gallery in Hamburg.

After working as a celebrated advertising illustrator for 15 years, Wessmark became a full-time fine artist in 2006. He has since become one of the leading photorealist painters in Europe, his works being collected by the European Museum of Modern Art, IBEX Collection, City of Stockholm, and private collections in the USA, Sweden, Germany, Mexico and more.

Wessmark uses acrylic and oil paint on canvas to create his large-scale paintings of figures interacting with water. “In my paintings, and especially my figurative motifs, I want to convey a feeling of calm and relaxation. Water is a subject matter that has followed me for many years. As a child we had a summer-house by the Swedish west coast where we spent many holidays. Positive experiences with water that came to influence me as an artist many years later.”