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Mariela Garibay

About this artist


Mariela Garibay (Lima, Peru – 1976) graduated in sculpture from the University of Peru (PUCP) and urban design from the University of Barcelona.
She has been awarded the Winternitz Prize twice in 1997 and 1999 and won first prize at the national drawing competition in 2005. Her first solo exhibition was in 2004 with stone as the first material.
She has realized several state assignments in Peru, taught at the Fine Arts School of Ayacucho and PUCP. She has developed her bronze technique and permanently exhibits her sculptures in art galleries.

Mariela tells us that the sculpture is not only form, but also the language the artist chose to communicate and the result of a work of preliminary internalization of the message she transmits. Sculpting is a discipline that requires some patience, many hours of work and love. Love for the idea, the work, the message and the unknown person who will one day discover it. This is essential for the success of the job. There can be months between the elaboration of a drawing and the realization of the sculpture. The sculpting is a slow but sure process. All the hours of reflection, maturation, work and love given, make me aware of the value of things, the artist confesses.
Her sculpture is figurative but not realistic; Mariela Garibay observes the world around her and transcribes it with great tenderness through childlike characters. The image of Mariela Garibay is positive and generous, it immortalizes a moment of happiness seized by the artist, a peaceful moment, a good memory, a smile, a surprise, a simple and sincere pleasure.