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About this artist


Dino Valls was born in Saragossa, Spain, in the year 1959. Although he already felt drawn to the arts from a young age, he never imagined himself dedicating his life to fine art. In early life, Dino graduated in medicine and general surgery. Once he started his career, he picked up oil painting as a hobby; however, Dino slowly began to establish himself in the world of painting, gradually devoting his time more and more until he decided to commit fully to his art.

Dino focused solely on the psychological perspective of human beings, describing his style as symbolic and intellectualized figurative painting; there’s an underlying obsession with the duality between physical and psychic, life and death, and the rational and irrational. Dino mainly paints oil on wood and prefers to work with successive oil glacis on an underlay of tempura on a panel, favoring its bright power, chromatics, and pictorial qualities.

Valls’ work exhibits a significant influence of old masters and their studies of the human form, making him one of the Spanish representatives of avant-garde figurative art. He has done over a hundred exhibitions, with about 20 done individually, and his works are entirely from his mind without the aid of any photographs or live models.