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Guennadi Ulibin

About this artist


Often categorized as a hyperrealist painter, Ulibin rejects the label, for he creates, in his own words, “classic realistic paintings”–yet, we should add, with extreme detail and surrealist elements such as larger-than-life technical objects or desolate beachscapes in no man’s land.

Some of his paintings show a post-historical world with traces of a technogenic human civilization that has reached its end, high-tech debris lying about, silent pointers to a flourishing past and human hubris. Other paintings (as large as six meters wide) function as philosophical exercises stretching over years, pictorial compositions to explore and express his view of mankind’s evolutionary-historical process and mission of being the embodiment of the Mind on Earth with the goal of understanding the infinite Universe.

The artist, philosopher, and poet Guennadi Ulibin was born in 1973 in the Soviet Union and trained at the prestigious Saint Petersberg Academy of Fine Arts. Though influenced by old masters such as Rembrandt, Velazquez, Repin and Serov, his oeuvre has an ultra-contemporary and even futuristic feel.