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Lars Beusker

About this artist


At the age of 15 he discovered his love for black and white photography.
After studying photography and design he works as a fashion photographer and runs his own design bureau. Since 2013, Beusker has been working on various freelance projects, always in black and white, in addition to his commissioned work.
Fascinated by a first trip to Africa, it is not surprising that wildlife photography captivated him the most. The closeness to wild animals, the tranquility of untouched nature, and the people in these habitats continue to fascinate him – he travels to the wilderness as often as he can, capturing unique moments in black and white, as beautiful as portraits of wild animals have rarely been seen.
Since 2018, this work has become his new trademark.
Unlike other wildlife photographers, Beusker always tries to get the animal’s eye contact.
In order to do this, he doesn’t use long lenses, but rather tries to get very close to the animal.
“The emotions I feel in the moment of the shot, I want to capture in my pictures as well“.

With the work “Outlast” as a cover photo of a series, he was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the renowned International Photography Awards in New York in September 2022 – this award is considered one of the most coveted awards in the world and will be awarded on October 22 at the Lucie Award Gala at New York City’s famed Carnegie Hall.