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Nele Jacobs

Horus Gallery

About this artist


Nele Jacobs is an assemblage artist from Antwerp. She works with paper, cardboard, small objects, resin and paint.

Her work is inspired by the aerial view of the South-African Townships. During her travels to this country, she was impressed by the rhythm and color patterns of the roofs that come into view when flying at low altitude over the country. She meticulously applies her materials to a painted background, the three-dimensional objects are built up layer by layer and in the final phase color accents are added. Everything is hardened by a transparent resin. The color play and the depth make it a harmonious and compelling ensemble. At first glance the work seems chaotic but it is not; the feeling for composition and refinement is hidden in the details.

The style is not new, but Nele Jacobs shows that she makes a contribution to this rich tradition with her personal touch. The painting transcends the two-dimensional and can also be viewed as an object.

Work by Nele Jacobs